Streamer "cohhcarnage" Not Found

The streamer may not have logged in to yet.

Streamer Wands has moved to a new host

TLDR for streamers: You will need to log in again, and accept OAuth from a new Twitch application. You will also need to replace your current version of the mod with the new one downloaded from this site. The old installation instructions no longer apply, though: you can download a ready-to-install zip file from this site directly.

Soler, the original author of Streamer Wands, has archived the original project and handed it off to other maintainers. The new fork is maintained by myndzi, with hosting generously provided by DunkOrSlam.

I (myndzi) have no current plans to develop the code further, but will accept reasonable pull requests if you are interested in contributing.

Big thanks to Soler for all his work on the project to date!